History Lesson – The Story of Twitter.

June 23, 2009

Tweet–Sweet-Sweet…..:)   🙂  🙂    Tweet … Tweet .. Tweet… This  is not the bird’s sound by the way…

Its the new  killer app – the buzzword  heard across the globe threatening to get the top celebrity status in the social media world above Google’s space…

The concept looked childish to me initially when the site instructed to update the status of what I am doing within 140 characters. But when couple of my friends asked me to join this and watch this twittersphere to know what exactly is going around.

I have been just a month twittering around and so far it seems to be informative.

Word of  Caution : It is addictive sometimes.

So to know what this Twitter is : Join and be there for a while to get some glimpse out of it.

Came across a beautiful picture that tells us the History of Twitter Story.


[Thanks Pic Courtesy : Sean]

Twittering Usage


Happy Twiteering… 🙂 :).. Adios..